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On subsequent visits, these data are then sent back to that website. Cookies enable us to automatically recognise you when you visit our website, so that we can personalise your experience and provide you with a better service. We also use cookies and similar browser data, such as Flash cookies, for fraud prevention and other purposes.

If you have configured your browser settings to reject cookies from our website, you will not be able to complete purchases and use certain features on our website, such as saving products in your shopping cart or receiving personalised recommendations. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you configure your web browser to accept cookies from our website.

What cookies do we use?

First- and third-party cookies:
Our website places so-called first- and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are the cookies we place ourselves. Third-party cookies are cookies from our partners. Third-party cookies allow website visitors to view and use third-party content, such as a video. Third-party cookies do not recognise you personally, but recognise your computer when you visit our website or some of our partners’ websites. We can also use these cookies to collect information about how our website is used.

Session cookies and permanent cookies:
Our website also uses session cookies. These cookies are placed when you visit our website and are deleted when the browser is closed. In addition to temporary cookies, we also use permanent cookies. These cookies are stored on your computer and are activated when you return tp our website. Permanent cookies can be deleted manually or may be deleted automatically after a certain period of time. These cookies allow us to save your preferences and cut down page load times.

Essential cookies:
These cookies help you navigate your site and use all essential features. Without these cookies, our site would not function properly and you would not be able to use all essential features. Essential cookies are necessary for fundamental features, such as our payment page, to function properly. These cookies are essential because you would not be able to use the most important features of the website without them.

Performance and functionality cookies:
These cookies make it possible to show features such as maps and videos on the website. They also save your website settings, such as previously configured items or searches. They are important to use because they help us improve our website’s performance and features and because we want you to have a valuable and interactive experience on our website.

Analytics and customisation cookies:
We use analytics and customisation cookies to collect information about how our visitors use the website and to discover how successful our marketing campaigns are. We also use the data we receive to personalise the website for you and to make the content as relevant as possible. We use tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar for this purpose.

Advertising cookies:
We use advertising cookies to ensure that we only show advertisements and messages that we believe you may be interested in. This may be based on your interests or on previous ads you have seen. They also help us to ensure that you are not shown the same advertisement again and again and to ensure that the ad is displayed properly.

Social networking cookies:
As the name suggests, social networking cookies enable our visitors to share our content through third-party social networking websites. These cookies are usually placed by the social networking provider in question.

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